Ross is Garry Dyck’s son (one of the original owners of Hillary). From sweeping the shop floor to operating a drill press, he has been in and out of the shop since he was thirteen years old. Ross started his career as an Architectural draftsman, and then later pursued his passion of machining. He joined Hillary in 1995, as an Interprovincial journeyman machinist and eventually was voted in as president of Hillary.

Ross provides MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS in the following areas:

  • A creative mind for innovative design work and unique projects
  • Develop systems and company programs/policies to ensure accuracy and quality of customer orders
  • Continually improving internal efficacies’ to better serve the customers

In his spare time he enjoys working on his CNC wood router that he designed and built in his garage. He also loves to take his two little girls out for quad rides.

You can reach Ross via email: