Shane joined Hillary in 1996, originally as an interprovincial journeyman industrial welder & fitter. His background includes training in industrial machining, Introtech technical training consisting safety & knowledge of industrial electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems. He is a workplace health & safety lift truck safety & operation certified instructor, and is a Certified Trainer. He also holds his certification in First Aid CPR/"C" AED /FAI and WHMIS.

In 1998 Ed Dyck president of Hillary began mentoring Shane in sales and account management resulting in Shane becoming a partner in 1999 . Now as sales manager he maintains, and develops accounts for the company.  He also holds a Sandler Professional Sales Diploma.

Shane provides MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS in the following areas:

  • Provides solutions for customers manufacturing needs, through onsite facility/equipment evaluation.
  • Implement strategies for continuous improvements that improve capacity ability and reduce loss production.
  • Elevates production demands for customers by developing alternative capacity solutions for time sensitive projects

Outside of Hillary, Shane is an avid snowmobile enthusiast. He is involved in motocross and enjoys all forms of motorsport racing.  He enjoys buying/selling, repairing and maintaining motorsport vehicles, and is passionate about the car hobby.

Shane can be reached via email at: